Food glorious food






Good food and France are often mentioned in the same sentence. The famous French cuisine has enticed people to this country for years.

Taking myth and complications out of it, what remains is the importance of good ingredients and non-processed food.

At La Grange you can enjoy a home-cooked meal any time you like, with a bit of notice. From the day you arrive, having spent a long time travelling to get here, we can have a delicious meal ready for you. Or at any other time during your stay, if you like, dinner can be prepared. Speak to us about your special occasions, and we will make suggestions for a wonderful dinner, a pizza evening or a barbecue feast.

We have several herbs growing in our own garden, from chives to parsley, from thyme to rosemary. If you like cooking yourself, you are very welcome to use our herbs.

What our guests say

“Had a lovely stay, made all the more enjoyable by your warm welcome and lovely food”

Jane and Andrew, Toronto, Canada

“De curry was een mooie afsluiting! En de champagne gaf aan dat het leven zo goed mogelijk geleefd moet worden”

Bas en Wanda, NL

“Thank you for always making us so welcome and for the lovely supper waiting for us on our arrival”

David and Sarah, UK

“Loved the cheese, wine and paté and especially the artisan pizza in the Marcillac oven”

Bernie and Becky, Freeport, IL, USA

“Thank you Tony and Hanneke for providing us with fresh garlic and herbs”

Penny and Philip, UK

“You must try Han’s pizzas, top of the range”

Marcos and Vicky, UK